Signed in as:





1. Seller sends official FCO on Official Letterhead (with his company Email Address, Phone & Fax Numbers, Tax Registration Numbers) duly signed and sealed with official stamp incorporating his terms and transaction procedure  addressed to "End Buyer Via SUBCONTRACTS INDIA (Global Oil and Gas Trading)

2. Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order “ICPO” with complete banking references, Company Profile (CP), Company Registration, Copy of Buyer's aothorized signatory's Passport and RWA Letter signed by two of buyer’s bank officers and issued to seller’s name, which stipulates that Buyer is RWA to issue financial instrument (SBLC) for payment guarantee of goods ordered.

3. On receipt of buyer's ICPO and RWA Letter, seller issues (amendable) draft Contract (SPA)and a copy of the  Proforma Invoice (PI) in favor of the buyer and NCND/IMFPA completed by Seller's Mandate/Broker. 

4. Buyer returns to seller the signed and sealed Proforma Invoice and the SPA along with the IMFPA/NCNDA completed and signed by Buyer, Buyer's Facilitator/ Buyer Mandate Group and all Intermediaries. 

5. Seller issues approved, countersigned and sealed SPA which now incorporates the NCNDA/IMFPA as an Annexure within the SPA document. Both buyer and seller lodge the legalized SPA contracts in their respective Banks.

6. Seller issues PPOP, which will consist of the following documents: 

          I. Passport product analysis. 

          II. Notarized Authorization to Sell (ATS) 

          III. Company Registration Certificate. 

          IV. Tax Registration Certificate 

          V. Notarized Commitment to Supply 

          VI.Notarized Statement of availability of Product. 

7. Buyer verifies PPOP and if satisfied with the outcome,  issues inoperative, transferable / Non-transferable SBLC/DLC – (CHOICE IS BUYER'S)

8. Seller issues 2% PB to activate the SBLC/ DLC.

9. Seller provides FULL PROOF OF PRODUCT, which will include: 


  1. Copy of License to export (if applicable)
  2. Copy of Approval to Export    
  3. Copy of Certificate of Origin
  4. Copy of Statement of Availability
  5. Vessel details, IMO Q88
  6. CPA- Charter Party agreement
  7. Fresh SGS from vessel at loading port, re-make SGS/CIQ Inspection at discharge port
  8. DTAOB- Dip Test Authorization on Board Vessel 
  9. ATB- Authority to Board
  10. B/L cargo manifest
  11. Certificate of authenticity  
  12. Certificate of quality (Issued by nominated Inspection Agency at the Loading Port)
  13. Certificate of quantity (Issued by nominated Inspection Agency at the Loading Port)
  14. Tanker Ullage Receipt 
  15. Ship Master’s Receipt for Sample 
  16. Ship Master's Receipt for Documents

10. Ship arrives at destination port and Q&Q inspection is conducted by nominated inspection agency such as SGS or equivalent others on the goods and checks through the Bill Of Lading (BL) and Commercial Invoice. . Upon satisfactory inspection report, the buyer releases payment via MT103/TT to seller's bank  (100% payable for each shipment) within 3 banking days.

11. Documents from shipping on board vessel. (To be issued after loading) 

  1. One Full set of 3/3,Ocean Bill of Lading; 
  2. SGS Q/Q 2/2 at the port of loading;      
  3. Certificate of Origin 1/2; 
  4. Signed commercial invoice based on  the delivered quantity and quality onboard vessel; 
  5. Cargo manifest 1 original; 
  6. Captain’s receipt of all documents of the shipped product 1/1.

12. After confirmation of receipt of payment seller shall instruct ship's captain to discharge cargo.

13. Seller sends the title ownership documents to Buyer.

14. Seller Pays all intermediaries’ commissions as per IMFPA within 24 hours of receipt of Payment for shipment from Buyer.

Global Oil and Gas Trading - Standard CIF ASWP Transaction Procedure

Global Oil and Gas Trading - Standard CIF ASWP Transaction Procedure




1. a) Buyer sends confirmation of acceptance of Price and this procedure on official Letterhead along with buyer’s Company Profile, Incorporation Certificate, Copy of Import License, and Copy of Passport of Signatory. 

b) Once buyer’s credibility is established by our compliance team, Seller will issue the FCO to the buyer and buyer will issue official ICPO to the seller. 

c) Seller will send SPA. Buyer executes this SPA and returns to Seller. Both parties lodge the SPA with their respective Banks. 

2. Seller issues Proforma Invoice (PI) for First trail Lift/First Delivery.

3. Buyer’s Bank issues to seller bank, draft of irrevocable Confirmed DLC (as per UPC 600 payable at sight at Port of Discharge for seller’s bank approval 

4. In response to the draft, Seller’s bank will issue a pre-advice 2% PBG Swift to buyer’s bank 

5. Buyer’s bank will issue a pre-advice DLC.

a. Within 7 to 10 days Seller Issues Fresh Q&Q by SGS/ Bureau Veritas/ Intertek, on behalf of buyer.(not older than 72 hours and also the Certificate of origin (Bank to Bank) 

b. Buyer Verifies the report and confirms

c. With the above confirmation from buyer, Buyer ‘s LC and the Seller’s 2% PBG will be activated / becomes operative simultaneously at the same time between both the banks 

6. Upon Seller’s Bank approval of LC / within 7 to 10 working days Seller’s Bank sends to Buyer’s Bank following original legal documents such as charter party agreement (Q88), Loading and Delivery schedule etc. 

7.  Buyer provides evidence of Tank Storage at destination port. Seller loads First Lift/Trial Shipmentat Port of Loading 

8.  After loading, Seller’s Bank sends to Buyer’s Bank Commercial Invoice and full set of Bill of Lading/ shipping documents (Bank to Bank and Mail for information) 

i. At Port of Discharge Buyer organizes Q&Q by SGS or equivalent and after positive report Buyer’s Bank releases full CI amount to Seller’s Bank-account following DLC and simultaneously Title of Ownership is transferred to Buyer

9. MONTHLY DELIVERY: After the Successful Transaction of the trial shipment, BUYER shall issue IRREVOCABLE CONFIRMED NON-TRANSFERABLE DLC Via MT700 for the Products Specifications for which the buyer has issued ICPO/LOI 

Transaction Procedure CIF - Global Oil and Gas Trading

Transaction Procedure CIF - Global Oil and Gas Trading